Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post #12

My name is Daphney McFadden and I am a secondary education/social sciences major. I know many people believe that history is a boring topic, but it does not always have to be so allow the students to rap a researched topic.

Rap Battle: History Edition

This blog assignment requires two students. The instructor will assign an era in history, such as the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Civil Right Movement, the Black Panthers, past presidents, the Constitution, etc and the students will compete for bonus points added to his or her final grade. If you have ever watched 106 & Park on BET then you know what I am talking about. If not, here is a video of a Wild Out Wednesday segment.

*1. The instructor will pair (2) or group students randomly.
2. The instructor will choose an era from history or allow the students to choose for themselves.
3. The students will have until the next class meeting to create the rap.
4. The rap has to be original. 
5. The rap will be done in front of the class upon the next class meeting.

Rap Rules
1. The rap can be on the topic of choice or what the instructor assigns.
2. The rap has to contain a hook, consisting of at least 6 bars (bar=1 line).
3. The rap must contain 2 verses.
4. The rap cannot contain profanity or you will be eliminated.
5. The rap must be recorded and posted to Youtube. It must also be embedded in your class blog.
6. The rap can rhyme, but this is not a requirement.
7. The rap should be at least 2-4 minutes in length.
8. The rap is allowed an instrumental. An instrumental is a song without lyrics.  

Rap Presentation
1. The students are called to the front of the class
2. The students face one another
3. The students will shake hands
4. Each student goes one at a time.
5. The audience is be quite for each student's presentation. Anyone talking WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
6. The winner will be determined by applause from the class.
7. Participants will be respectful of the other.
8. Students can wear a costume, imitating his or her favorite rap artist.
*9. The will be 3 rounds (in total). The winner will be determined in the 3rd round. 

Here is an example, but it does not have to be this poetic

* the rounds depend on class size.

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  1. Daphney,

    I think that this is a REALLY great idea! I have never really thought about anything like this. If you think of all the songs you remember compared to the amount of information you remember from your teachers lectures, it is utterly ridiculous. I believe that having students do assignments like this for every lesson they learn will really help them to retain the information much more easily. I also believe they will have more fun learning with something like this as well. Great idea!! Keep up the good work and good luck in edm 310!

    -Katelyn Gill