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Blog Post #10

This is an interesting picture. I had to do some research to find out what a Ticonderoga was supposed to be and why it was better than papermate. I found that it was a thicker wooden pencil and it is also more expensive. I guess this picture illustrates that the quality of Papermate is weaker than that of Dixon Ticonderoga. Truthfully, I am not totally understanding this picture. I'm thinking it may be sarcasm or the companies are picking at one another...I just really do not know. Then I became an investigator!! I read through the comments and in doing so found out that this particular blog post is a spoof on the difference between MAC and PC. I had that slap yourself in the forehead moment. I'm still a little on the confused side though. Is he trying to say that PAPERMATE represents PC and TICONDEROGA represents MAC?? If that is the case then that is something that I don't think I can whole heartedly agree with. As a MAC user, I haven't really experienced any problems until now with my hard drive. I don't think it is the computer's fault, that the owner is messing up and not taking care of it as they should.

Mr. Spencer
This is a teacher that follows the rules, but in his own way. He is clever enough to allow the kids to enjoy the lesson without making them feel as though they are learning. This is a complicated strategy to learn, but it is well worth it in the end because the students are learning the concept in a "non-boring" fashion. It was genus how he handled the principal!! He was not lying when he said that they were learning, but at the end when he broke down his plan to "create an algorithm factory and integrate it into our Conflict-Oriented Reading and Writing Project (a.k.a. The Factory Game)." was genus. The principal didn't even know that he was talking about continuing with "The Factory Game". This was humorous and it made me chuckle a little. I want to be like Mr. Spencer when I grow up. 

I liked his blog so much that I "went back in time", as Dr. Strange would say, to check out some other blog posts and I found this one that really made me really scratch my head as to why would this even be a conversation or issue, he titled it, "Are Pencils Making Us Narcissistic?". Now this really caught my attention because students use pencils to communicate with friends and teachers alike. Why is it such a crime? I honestly think that as an educator, you have to be aware of the things in which your students have become accustomed. The thinking that a student would become self-centered because of a pencil is crazy to me. I agree with Mr. Spencer, a MIRROR would make a student more self-centered than a pencil would any day. I really enjoy reading his blog posts. They bring a smile to my face and some enlightenment to my brain. 


From my understanding, Dr. Scott McLeod is serving as director of innovations at a school in Iowa. It is probably far fetched from his regular position as an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky. I also remember is name from the "Did You Know?" video assignment at the beginning of the semester. He is well decorated with awards and honors for his part in education. If you want to take a look at his accomplishments, click here -----> Scott McLeod Bio <-----

It was interesting to know that the Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please? was posted on my 18th birthday!! Just a fun nugget. Back to the topic at hand. The question is, does he make valid points? The answer would be YES, DUH!! Some people are scared of technology and all its advances which are hurting their kids. The internet, iPads, tablets, kindles, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all great tools for students to use!! In my opinion, it is all about how you allow your children and students to use these tools. If you don't feel quite comfortable with them using them by themselves, go to your computer settings and place a block on certain things or place a time restriction on when they can and can't use the internet. I read through the comments made in 2011 and they are telling me that students who use technology will have a better chance for advancement over the ones who choose to live in the dark ages. 

Where do you think the world would be if not for the internet?! The connections that you can make, the ideas that you can share with the world...IT'S ALL APART OF ADVANCEMENT! I mean, would rather be stuck with your nose in a book or would you rather be in the field, experiencing these things first-hand? I am not one for writing letters so I will shoot family members e-mails or facebook messages. "Real-time" is an amazing thing! Those that don't embrace technology aren't going to be shunned from the rest of the world, but they will be lost for a while until they come to the technological light. 

Project #11: Green Screen Short Film

Project #12: The Book Trailer


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Blog Assignment #9

Mr. McClung's First Year Experience

I think that this is an awesome assignment. My end of the year reflection video last year was so insightful to me. I wanted to begin What I've Learned Year 1 because I will be in this position in just 2 short years. I chose to began with year one so that I could see what I should possibly look forward to in my first year of teaching. I know that everyone has different experiences, but this may be a tool that I can use to prepare myself. 

How To Read a Crowd
In this section, Mr. McClung tells about how most first year teachers get so wrapped up in what how their superiors are evaluating them that they forget about the REAL objective...THE STUDENTS! I think that most first year teachers do this because they are so wanting to impress the wrong people. I could give a rat's behind about what my co-workers thought of me, as long as my students were understanding what I was teaching. Excuse the language, but when I am passionate about something, the tongue gets a little loose. 

Flexibility, Listening To Your Students and Communication
Mr. McClung makes the points of being flexible and communication with both students and other teachers. This is an A1 idea! We all will try to plan out the best way to teach the lesson but things may not always work out as planned. My idea is to use a lesson plan as a guide line and not to go by it verbatom. Get the students input on how they learn. Pass out a worksheet asking them what qualities they look for in instruction. Do they do better with verbal, visual or both? 

Flexibility and Communication 
Student/Teacher communication is vital in my opinion. If a student is too afraid to come to his or her teacher and ask then he or she may not get what her or she needs from the lesson being taught. I think that teachers aren't just the person that teaches you academia...sometimes teachers are the only people that students can go to in his or her time of need. When I was in school, my counselor was my Math teacher, Mr. Cliff Allred. We told him our circumstances and he would listen. Even though it was not in his job description, he listened to his students and told them what they needed to hear. He was an awesome math teacher as well, but the fact that his student could come to him with personal problem was a major plus for him. My cisco teacher, Mr. Andrew Large was also a great example of a teacher/counselor. 

I feel as though teachers put so much effort into being right and playing by the rules they forget that students just need listening ear sometimes. I still, til this day, talk to those two teachers about my issues. Oh, my 2nd grade teacher was so close to my family that she became my nana!! My nana and I have lunch dates til this very day. 

Getting to know your students and fellow teachers can be made easier by communicating with them. I like the idea of what Dr. McGowan (EDU400) did for us when we first came into the classroom. We did icebreakers for the first 3 weeks of class until we became comfortable with one another; including herself. Say you don't understand what a student needs, communicating with your fellow teach allows you to open the door for collaborative ideas that can impact that child's life in the classroom. I know that as a special education teacher, their will be a lot of things that I may not know or understand in the beginning, but I know that if you don't ask...you will never know. 

Be Reasonable
DON'T PUSH TOO HARD! Some teachers fail to realize that. Putting too much on your students can stress them completely out. I know that teachers expect their students to be the best they can be, but teachers tend to lose sight of the fact that school isn't the only place where they are expected to excel. Some students are honor students, some student are athletes, and some students have parents that expect double the effort. I know all this because I was one of those students that everyone expected to be Ms. Honors all the way through. Even though I was, when it came to college, I didn't have the same push and I lacked that motivation. I began to settle for Cs and Ds because I didn't have friends their to push me on. I had to become my own support system. Teachers need to be a little more sensitive to what a student is doing outside the classroom because as a teacher, you just really don't know. My idea is to let my student create his or her own goals that they want to achieve by the end of the year. Then I am going to give my students a goal to reach by the end of the year. That way the have individual goals as well as a goal as a whole. Expectations should be goals that students can achieve, so be reasonable. 

Don't Be Afraid of Technology and Lastly.....Never Stop Learning

I think that the younger generation of teachers better understand how valuable technology is in the classroom. Okay so if your high school history teacher knows nothing about the computer she is typing on, who does she ask? Well, my history teacher would ask any Cisco Academy student for help. It just so happened that majority of my class were Cisco students. Mr. McClung stresses this point in part of his blog. He describes adults reaction to computers as a "horror film". I thought that was so interesting. In contrast, I know some teachers that go to educational conventions just to find about new strategies and technologies, but they had to step out of their comfort zone to do so. I think this is a That also ties into Never Stop Learning. As a teacher, you have to be open-minded to new and developing ideas. Each year something new comes out in the technological department, especially when it comes to education. As a teacher, you have to be on your game because it is so easy to fall behind. The generation of students are more and more advanced and if we can't keep up, we can't do our job.

Mr. McClung's 4th Year and Counting

Now, let's look at What I've Learned Year 4. I chose this particular post, not only because it was required, but because it is a more current update on what Mr. McClung is up to these days. I just want to see what his most current findings are for newly sprouting teachers. He isn't old, but he isn't new to the game either. He has some experience under his belt now so let's see what other tips he has for new teachers. In this post he only chose two themes, "You Gotta Dance With Who You Came To Dance With" and "Challenge Yourself". 

You Gotta Dance With Who You Came To Dance With
Okay, I know I am not the only one to say that this headline does not fit the substance in this paragraph....almost! When I began reading this, I was not expecting him to talk about him giving in to the pressure of worrying about what his co-workers thought of his teaching performance. Luckily, he snapped back into reality because the reality of it all is that your co-workers don't sign your paychecks nor do they have to take your test to determine comprehension. 
Challenge Yourself
So, Mr. McClung began to get too comfortable with his lesson plan and things started to become drab. This is the issues that most teachers have. They teach the same subject every year and instead of creating new ideas each year, they just go with the same thing. I see that education isn't only affecting the students' creativity, but the teachers' creativity also. The question I have is, "Who's fault is that?" Is it the fault of the schoolboard for all the red tape that teachers have to surpass in order to teacher? Or is the fault of the teacher for not pushing past the red tape to make sure his or her students, not only comprehend, but enjoy what they are learning? The world my never know. Everyone has his or her own opinion. As a teacher, your creativity is your best friend. Kids get bored extremely easy and to keep their attention is crucial. With that being said, if you are a teacher and you use the same thing year after year after year...try something out of the ordinary. The world is a HUGE place. Gather ideas and get back to your creative ways!! I DARE YOU!! For future teachers, never be afraid to push the limits of what you can do in the classroom. Remember that it is YOUR classroom and YOUR students and YOUR job to make sure that these kids learn.

Comment 4 Teacher #2

C4T#2: iPads for learning on Classroom 2.0
My teacher is not a regular blogger so I guess I am forced to go back in time. I think it is best to do research on this "ICT" and "MLF classroom" before I make my finalized C4T.

*I did not finish this C4T because this particular instructor was not an interesting read and all the links and videos. I got lost so I said to myself that I would just pick back up on the next one.*

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Blog Assignment #8

This Is How We Dream

I feel a valid point was made, Yes! "Structure'' is a major part of any language it is the foundation which we all speak, write and learn. The evolution of this foundation has matured for millions upon millions of years,  the value of literature has reached a level and time period for which it could be taught and learn on a basis everyone is able to occur to. Now that it is accessible to anyone who is willing to take the time to learn and fully understand what this means for the future , by one individual taking in this specific knowledge it can be passed on from hand to hand.
Curiosity gives the new world the ideas and willingness to want more knowledge, it helps individuals separate  themselves from the ''Average Society''. Technology is influenced much by education today as any other social outlet. The advantages that technology has given us is the option to surf and analyze opinions and other resources at a keystroke. In Part 2, of This Is How We Dream Dr. Miller touches on the rapidness of how information is updated and that the information itself, may be written by us, but does not SOLELY BELONG to us. I think that this is an interesting way of explaining things. I see, everyday how people place claims on ideas and ideals when they, themselves, received the information from an outside source or just built upon the idea of another. 

I share is opinion about educators being required to share ideas freely with our students. My only concern is that different teachers have different teaching styles and we all interprut things in a different manner. So, how will you know if your children have successfully crossed into the "land of the learning"? How do you know if your information is current and correct? I also get that Dr. Miller and Dr. Strange are saying that as a teacher, you have to have the willingness to also do research on a daily basis so that you are not behind in your field of study. I feel as though my students will be able to digitally compose because as an educator, I am required to learn so that my students can learn. This isn't a requirement my the school system, but I am requiring myself to learn these things because as a child coming up in this century....TECHNOLOGY IS THE KEY. 

I honestly have to say...what a great assignment!! Carly's idea was awesome. She and Dr. Miller share the most intimate ideas about multimedia. I love how passionate both parties are about the creativity of writing!!! I am a Special Education teacher in training, but a writer at heart. I hate to follow rules about what I can and can not write about. I feel as though it kills the creative mojo that flows within us all. Who would have thought that making a playlist of videos on YouTube could inspire you to feel so much and to do so much! Getting organized for your classroom, time management, etc...all videos that can be found on YouTube and used in your classroom. There is an uproar about how media is so negative on today's youth. As a future educator, I plan to shine a positive light on this just like Carly did :)

This is the most interesting video that I have ever seen...Chipper is the typical student who first walks into the doors of Dr. Strange's class. They think that Dr. Strange is supposed to feed you something and then give you a test to spill of the information back out. I was a "Chipper" in the Spring of 2012. Someone who thought that learning on your own was too hard and says that if the teacher doesn't teach then the teacher isn't a good teacher. So not true!! Dr. Strange has proved that point time and time again with the EDM310 graduates that have gone on to share in multimedia tools. I know that this go 'round, I will be a success!!!

I can honestly say that this was an interesting YouTube Video. Personally, I did not find it very helpful. I would have suggested an illustration or demonstration about how to help you with some of the problems students are having with EDM310, but that is just me. If I am going to try to explain to someone how to better themselves in something, I would come to them with solutions/suggestions on how to do better.

My first run in with EDM310 was not a nice one. I was late with most of my assignments. I didn't add my pictures or modifiers like I should have and I, all around, did not take the cours seriously and it reflected in my grade which was a D. I am not used to making Ds so this really bothered me. I think that I would create a YouTube video demonstrating a survival guide to the University of South Alabama's EDM310. Now that is an idea!!! Dr. Strange, if you are reading this. Daphney McFadden thought of it first!! That is going to be my next personal project. 

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

This is a point that I have been trying to make for the longest!!! If the student is the hub of Education then why is Education such an open and shut institution?! Someone please explain to me why the school systems are shutting down the avenues to the very thing that students connect with and are comfortable with as a learning tool. When a teacher gives  a project or assignment for class, where does a student automatically go?? THE INTERNET. The library and books have become almost obsolete since the Internet was created. When are the leaders of education going to realize that the very media that they are trying to keep out of schools, are the very pieces of media that get students to u

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Project #10


This is a great tool for that I was told about when I went to my little brother's IEP meeting at Collins-Rhodes Elementary School in 8-Mile. My brother, Jordan, was being evaluated for the Special Education program due to his test scores drastically dropping. As an older sister, I was concerned about my little brother's psychological health due to the teasing from his peers, but as a Special Ed teacher in training, I was more intrigued by the process. After about 2 hours of going through Jordan's grades from Fondie Elementary and his grades from the fall semester, the committee concurred that it was in his best interest to go through Special Education testing. 

On our way out, my mother and I ran into the reading and math coaches at the school. I did not feel that we had an adequate amount of information to help my little brother so I asked about activities or websites that we could use at home to help him. Both of them told me about this website called Starfall. With a curious mind, I decided to go investigate. Starfall is an interactive website for elementary school students. It focuses mainly on Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Fluency. Most Special Education children, especially those with Learning Disabilities, such as my brother, lack these skills. The teacher can even download worksheets and student logs to keep track of the progress of the child. The best part about it is that the student is not even aware that he or she is learning. They think that they are just playing games on the computer.

 Starfall has so much more to offer. I played around with it and found so many avenues, especially this one game that my brother absolutely loves. It's a phonics game where he gets to drive a car and collect clues to figure out what the letters spell out. He totally gets a kick out of playing this game and he is slowly learning to read on a 1st grade level. Just to give you a heads up, he is in the 2nd grade with a kindergarden comprehension level in Reading and Math. A deficiency in both are evidence of a Learning Disability. 

As an educator, I do not want my students to feel as though they are different because they don't learn similar to or as fast as the other students. I want them to understand that they are the same as everyone else and can do what everyone else is doing, but they just need a different way of learning what the others are learning. I honestly believe that Starfall is a great resource and I plan to use it when I am able to get into a classroom. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog Assignment #7

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams


Wow! Watching this video, was beyond amazing. During his life as a professor, he encouraged his students to follow his/her childhood dream. After overcoming many "brick walls" it is safe to say that Randy Pausch lived an incredible life. I will say that I am glad that Randy Pausch went into teaching and not singing. *laugh*

In this youtube video of his last lecture Dr. Pausch, teaches what he learned over the years to be effective teaching methods:

Break Walls
Brick walls are not there to keep you out or slow you down. They are there to encourage you to continue to fight for what you want to achieve. These walls are only obstacles that can be overcome. I felt as though, that was an awesome expression. As an up-and-coming educator, my path is difficult. With all the classes, assignments, exams while trying to have a personal life is crazy but my goal is to be a teacher. I have to get passed wanting to always have a social life for the sake of what I am passionate for and that is TEACHING.

Don't Bail
As I have previously said, I have to get passed wanting to always have a social life. It is hard not wanting to give up when times get hard but that is where I do my best work. Pushing myself to do what I think in my head can't be done. I plan to pass this trait on to my students. I will not pass a lazy child. Bailing out on something that you need for something that you want will get you nowhere and fast.

Get A Feedback Loop
Feedback is always important! How else would you know what you are doing right or what you are doing wrong? For instance, the comments we make on each other's blogs about what we like and don't like and what we can improve on is AWESOME feedback. If I told a classmate or student that his/her work was great and it was crap, what good am I doing them? I can answer that...NONE! Be truthful with people

Show Gratitude

Pleas know that you did not get where you are today without the help of someone. That someone could be a parent, teacher, friend, sibling, cousin, whomever. The point is, you didn't do it alone. I know that if it were not for my grandparents and aunts that I would not be as successful as I am today. I show them gratitude by continuing to thrive to get my degree in Education. Give credit where credit is due.

Dr. Randy Pausch was a great example of what a humble person looks like. He was an enthusiastic person when it came to speaking. He spoke with a comical, yet clear point. He didn't mind making fun of himself. He was a very bold, fun-loving person. I can say that I greatly admire him. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. It was worth the hour out of my day.
In this youtube video of his last lecture Dr. Pausch, teaches what he learned over the years to be effective teaching methods.

Comments 4 Kids: FEBRUARY

This kid can blog!

C4K #1
I was assigned an awesome kid who shares my passion for history. I was confused at first because I did not and still do not know the child's name. I guess it just isn't meant for me to know. This particular blog post was about who in history would get what merit badget. This kid chose some great people, but I kind of felt like the blog common in American history. I made the suggestion about possibly researching and writing about some people who were forgotten in history. There are plenty of those types of people. I know in my years in college, I have researched many. The blog was structured very nicely. The grammar and sentence structure flowed together wonderfully. I think it was a great job for a 9th grader.

C4K #2: Ms. Sapia's Superstars

  The orginal kid that was assigned to had not posted one blog post. The kid that I chose wrote about how they thought that homework was helpful and how it was irreplaceable. It was a little repeatious in my mind so I made some suggestions that may come in handy the next time they wrote a blog as such. Other than that, the kid did awesome and I am so looking forward to reading more of this kid's blog. It amazes how children have such a creative mind at such a young age. It almost gives me hope that when I get in the classroom that all I would have to do is give my students the tools they need and let them run free :)

C4K #3: Lollipop Movement

Isara's Blog Post 
This is such an unusual title for such a basic gesture. The person who introduced me to the concept was Isara, a student in Miss. King's Room 17 all the way in New Zealand. She summarized it best by saying   "a lollipop moment is something that makes a difference to someone else."

Summary of my comment: I was floored at the title of this concept. I was confused and amused that the same time. I commented to her say that I appreciated her for introducing to the concept of the lollipop movement. I had never thought that such a small gesture could make such a big difference in someone's life.

C4K#4: Phillip and Suicide

Phillip's Blog Post
Now I was a little disturbed at first at what this student was discussing on his blog. My kid's name is Phillip and he decided to talk about suicide being caused by negative peer pressure and how a personal could possibly feel before and during the action. I just commented to him suggesting that maybe he could be that one person to befriend the student that is being picked on so that he or she does not feel like they are all alone in the world. Like I always say, it only takes one person to start a chain reaction :) He had a few errors in this blog post like spelling and grammar, but all in all, it was a short and to the point read. 

Project #9: PLN Progress Report

Welcome To My Symbaloo!!!

Professional Symbaloo
My PLN is going great!! I use it for pretty much everything now. I am able to have all the websites that I need in both my personal and professional realms. I have thoroughly enjoye using it. It stays open on my computer whether I am on it or not. It does not really have much on it right now but I plan to use it in the future. How you ask? I will mostly use it to figure out the new information about Special Education, including the tools, websites, and technologies that are up and coming in my field. When you click on my Symbaloo, you wil find links to the websites that we often use in EDM310, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and even the University of South Alabama website. I love the organization of it all!!

Personal Symbaloo
My personal webmix is a little different aside from Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Blogger, and Gmail. My person webmix page as links to my bank's website, Pinterest, VH1, Craigslist, and Craigslist which are websites that use outside of school. This way I can keep up with a nice chunk of my life with having to type in all those URLs.