Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bible Verse For Today

psa18.30.kjv As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project #8: The A Team

Special Thanks goes out to Dr. John Strange, the EDM310 staff, & Ms. Rachel McGuff

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #6

Wendy Dexler: The Networked Student

The question posed to me after watching this video is why are teacher even needed by a "Networked student"? In my opinion, the video already answers why a teacher is needed. Before the student is even able to become a networker, where is the information about how to network coming from? The instructor. Where would your examples of what was valid information (i.e. scholarly sources and other creditable information)? The instructor. On the other hand being a networked student is about independently finding information and complying information into sources that you, as well as  others, can use. 

The concept of the "networked"student is foreign to most, but maybe it is the future. Think about it, more teachers are telling their students to go out and find new ideas and sources to back up their ideas. Why not use this method in the classroom? It would push the students to learn on their own and create ways that he or she would best learn about the subject. Then posses the question, "How would you know if your students understood the concept?" Do you test them? Personally, I think that their PLN, or Personal Learning Network, or whatever they chose to use, would be test enough. This kind of reminds me of how Dr. Strange teaches EDM310. He gives the assignments, but it is up to us to make it our own creation. Wow, I honestly never thought about it like that until now. 

I really do not know if I would use this method in my classroom, considering special education is my field of study. I think my high functioning students would be more up to the task of retaining the information needed for these type of assignment. The concept is awesome when you think about it because it gives the student a foundation for learning how to survive without a teacher. 

Personally, I do not see the difference...I mean both are used to gather information. The picture to the left is a picture of my EDM310 Symbaloo. I just saw that I did not add Pinterest. I like using this particular PLN because it helps me to organized information that I have found and use. As you can see, the google search box is placed in the middle. I use this to do research on topics that I am interested in. This also is a part of the "networked" student in my opinion because anyone can look at my Symbaloo (once I add more to it) as an example of how to organize your thoughts and ideas into a sound structure that others can use.

I think that the 7th grader's Symbaloo was so awesome. She did such a great job on organizing her Symbaloo and explaining how to use it. This is my first time using this particular PLN, but so far so good. She most definitly has more applications on her PLE than I do, but I am just beginning to use it. She has probably been using it longer than 3 months. I think that my students would benefit from this. They will be free to be as creative as possible while being responsible for his/her own work. That is another thing that PLN and PLE's give students. The freedom to be responsible!! What is better than that? 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project #6: This Is My Sentence

I used this sentence because as a teacher of Special Education I will have to encourage my students even more. I say this because as a special needs child, children are stereotyped and made fun of by teachers, parents and other students. So I say in the video, "Encourage Your Fellow Human Being". These kids have enough bringing them down without the person who is preparing them for the future doing the same.

Blog Assignment #5

School of My Future

I thought that this was an interesting blog post assignment. If I Built A School by Ms. Venosdale was one of the best blogs about school that I have read so far. Her imagination is like so awesome!!! The way she describes her school just blew my mind. I especially love the title "Welcome: Now Entering The Innovation Zone" If I was a child, that title would make me feel like I could do anything that I set my mind to. I really think that this is how a teacher and educational environment should make a child feel. I really want to thank Dr. Strange for giving us this assignment. This gives me the opportunity to be creative and invent my own school of the future. Let's image this...a student walks into a classroom that is built specifically for the subject that the teacher is teaching. Bare with me while I explain my position on my school. It would be constructed as one building with various wings for each subject. Let's examine the math wing. This would be constructed in the shape of math symbols (+, -, =, etc). The science wing would be in the shape of a flask, graduated cylinder, or beaker. I'm sure by now you have the point. Now that's venture into the school itself.

Driving up the concrete driveway, you would immediately see to your left a bus terminal for bus riding students. These buses are designated just for our school. The students would then be met by the principal at the front door which would be designed like the doors of "The Great Hall" at Hogwarts except they would be crystal glass. Walking into the school, you would be met by the a circular reception desk in the middle of an enormous great room. This entrance would be constructed with two levels with glass staircases. This would also be where the students would be scanned into a computer attendance database. Then the kids would be off to classes. The glass stairways would be wrapped around a giant book shaped room, or the Library. It would have a sign that said, "I don't know, let's find out" You can thank Dr. Strange for that tid bit. All of my teachers would be required to know at least one other language besides English and be required to take American Sign Language classes before beginning at my institution. The academia at my school would be completely paperless. I feel as though we would save more money with the iSchool Initiative (for more information, click the link). This means that the students and teachers would be equipped with iPads for educational uses only. Considering I am teaching Special Education, this would be a great way for my more severe students to be able to communicate with their teachers. In my opinion, books, pen and paper have become a thing of the past and we need to make moves toward the future. The classrooms would be well equipped with collaborative tools such as SMART boards, iPads, computers, etc. My teachers would also have to opinion to use Collaborize Classroom which is a great online for teachers to keep track of students.

Hopefully one day I will actually be able to build my own Special Education School. I think that would be completely awesome!!

The Virtual Choir
I know that when I first heard this video, it sounded like angels in the chorus of heaven. I was completely blown away at how these people were able to come together and make such a soothing sound. Now I was even more blown away when I found out that these people had never met and these people and that they were from all over the world (12 different countries). I did not know that the internet could be used like that. I wondered how this person managed to put this together? Did he/she just pull different videos off YouTube and patch them together? I really could not tell you, but the one thing that I do know is that it was the mos beautiful sound that I had ever heard!!! If you do not believe me, please click the play button on the Youtube video to the right side of your computer screen.

Teaching in the 21st Century
Let's not beat a dead horse here. We all know that technology is revolutionizing education as we know it. Kevin Roberts did a wonderful presentation on it. Technology is slowly but sure going to engulf the future of students. The time of pen and paper are over and we have to prepare them for this change. We can not just sit around and be in the dark about these things. If the children do not learn it from their teachers, they will learn in from the media and other outlets. At least if they learn it from a teacher, there is a fair chance that the facts may be correct. I concur with what Mr. Roberts is saying, as a future educator changes have to be made and that is just the way the cookie is going to crumble.

Flipping Education
This is a great method of teaching students who have different learning abilities. This would great for my classroom because that is exactly what I am dealing with...student who have difficulty learning. The students' ability to go back in and be able to review as they please and even move ahead to other concepts is a just amazing. Like I have said before some students do not learn at the same pace as others and may just need that special push and is too afraid or ashamed to ask. As teachers, it will be up to us to make sure that our students get the best education possible. The teacher being at the center point for the kids is important as well. I say that because, as a student, I found it comforting when my teacher was able to give me that one on one time if I had no idea what he/she was talking about. I love the idea of the teacher placing her desk at the center of the room and having her students to break off into four groups to surround her so that whichever way she looked, she was able to hear and see what each individual needed from her. All I can say is, I AM READY TO FLIP MY CLASSROOM!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Assignment #4


This was a reading and in the beginning I was not really feeling up to reading or listening to any video. However, I felt it was necessary to improve my podcasting skills. If a first grader can do a bang up job then so can I.  While reading the Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting section, I learned some interesting facts about how to make a more professional podcast. For instance emphasis and meaning has to come from the words you speak. This gives the audience more of an understanding of what you are trying to teach.

When I was attending Auburn University, I had a professor that taught by lecturing and podcasting. Podcasting was his way of helping his students by allowing them to review the lecture to make sure all possible notes were taken. I loved this feature about his class because I could go back to the podcast and catch things that I did not catch in the classroom due to classroom distractions.

Read-Along Audiobook

I fell in love with the recording of the children and the pretend interview. It amazed me how fluent they were when reading their scripts. When I think of a read-along, I think of students silently reading while listening to an audio or teacher. This blog really taught me that there is more to read-alongs than I thought. This teacher took her time and helped the kids to organize their interview questions and answers. The students' were so excited that they added there own emphasis on words and phrases which was another lesson learned.

As a teacher in the classroom, teaching Special Education students, I think that audiobook will be one of my most important tools. I can see my students making his or her own audiobook for his or her daily routine. For example, if I have a student with a Learning Disability then she or he will more than likely take a little longer on certain subjects than most. The student and I would create an audiobook with his or her lessons that were being taught that day such as a math or reading lesson. I am super ecstatic about learning how to use this :)))

Podcasting with First Grade

 This was a very cute blog. I could just imagine the childrens' excitement when they found out that they would be doing their very own podcast. I love how the teacher broke each step down piece by piece. She did not have them to do everything in a day. To me this teaches that some things take patience and do not need to be rushed. Not only did they are learn patience, but they learned "listening, speaking, presenting, comprehension, storytelling, preformance, voice acting, etc."

I think that this is a good example of my argument against Dr. Ken Robinson's argument about Education Killing Students' Creativity. This is an excellent example of a teacher taking advantage of students' creative juices and sharing them with the world. IT'S AWESOME!!!

Project #5 Presentation

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Assignment #1

USA Demographics
When I first read the Blogspot for the class, I was like, "for real Dr. Strange? It is not my fault that some people didn't understand the numbers or the explanation behind the numbers. Some people just do not have the same mind set and have the same opinion no matter how obvious. Let these people think what they want to think and let's keep in moving." Then I actually went in Wolfram Alpha and typed in the information. I can honestly say that the results really shocked me.
India's Demographics

I clicked on the link Wolfram Alpha and it took me to a screen with a search bar. I will admit that I was a little confused. All this big fuss about this one little search bar, but then I thought about Google. I began typing in the population questions. I was surprised to see that the website was so up-to-date as in the last data posted was from 2010. It really shocked me to find out that the United States has the longest life expectancy out of all three nations considering we are the most obese nation in the world! My mind was completely gone after reading that. I mean, how could that be? Then I thought about the conditions of each country and regrouped my mind set. The United States has a little more liberties than the rest, especially when killing off baby girls is a factor.

China's Demographics

I really do not know how I can use this particular search engine, but I am pretty sure that I will figure something out. Better yet maybe I could get some suggestions from my next classmate or even Dr. Strange. When making your suggestions please remember that I am teaching Special Education.

The Social Media Counts amazed me. I did not know that you could actually monitor these things. For example, the Facebook likes and comments, as many people that are on in the world is the counter able to keep count?! It would seem impossible if I did not see it with my own two eyes.

This counter really shows me that social media is revolutionizing the world as we know it. Obvious I know, but at this alarming rate I really do not believe that humans will truly be able to keep up with the changes. By the time I get into the classroom, I honestly think that Facebook will be used for academic purposes as well. As a teacher, I am going to have to do some major research to keep up with ever changing social media. I am really hoping that more educational social sites will emerge in the near future for teachers and students to collaborate with one another.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bible Verse Of The Day

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Monday, February 4, 2013

C4T #1


Actual Blog
Summary of Blog: When I first saw Coach Hanhstadt's blog, I wondered, "What in the world is flipped teaching?" I had to search for his last blog post. Just this month he published a ranting blog about high school sprinters and his/her footwear. In the blog he wrote about the proper form of sprinting which is running on one's balls of the feet. I could not help but think,"my dad this in high school". Random, I know.

Summery of Comment: At first, I really did not see the revelance in me having him for my C4T. Then I received a phone call from my mother about my brother running track. I thought back to this blog and took some notes from Coach Hahnstadt about the form of a sprinter. I also asked about what shoes he recommended and why certain things were important. I really learned that you never realize how important information is until you really need it.


Summary of Blog: As I have said before that physical education is not what I am going to school for but I honestly believe that Coach Hahnstadt has something with the coaches' eye app. It is so cool. Instructors can record their students (video and audio) and also learn to use drop box at the same time!! 

Summary of Comment: I found it amazing that I had never seen or heard of this app before. I basically told the coach that this was an awesome idea and that even though I am not a future physical education teacher, I can still use the app to help my kids in the classroom. It would be kind of like a "" on an iPod or smartphone. This would limit mine and my students' use of paper and also teach them how to use the dropbox app. I have some many ideas running through my head right now. I'm excited!!

Blog Assignment #3

Peer Editing 

Peer Review Rubric
Personally, I felt as the Prezi on YouTube and the slideshow were the exact same thing. It was just that one was enhanced with auto. I also feel as though if you made it this far in your educational career, then you should be all too familiar with peer editing. If you are still making unnecessary mistakes then you should really be taking remedial language classes to give your brain a little memory boost. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything, it's just a suggestion. I will admit that the kids' peer editing video was beyond cute and very informative. They were really good actors and actresses. I feel as though if children this young can get the idea of true peer editing, then a teacher can as well. 

 Okay, now to the assignment. Peer editing is beyond an important factor for and student at any level. In order to effectively edit someone's work, 3 components should be remembered: 1) Compliment 2) Suggestions 3) Corrections.
               Compliments are positive comments that are made by peer reviewers. Reviewers have to
                keep in mind that they are helping to improve another person's work. Compliments show
                what the writer did well.

               Suggestions are comments that makes the writing better. It is just as important as compliments
               and should not be taken in a negative context.

               Corrections are changes made to the work.

Why are these things important? Because these things create more responsible and creative writers!
When I was reading Heather's blog I saw that she had some really good points but we shared different views. I most definitely complimented her style of writing because her points where extremely clear and her transitions were smooth. I did not make any suggestions because it was an opinion piece. I do not feel as though you can suggest to someone about how they think. Also, she did not any corrections in my book and Dr. Strange seemed to enjoy the read as well.


Using Assistive Learning Device
Becoming a Special Education teacher is my goal upon graduating from the University of South Alabama. I recently took EDU400 in the fall and I fell in love with the idea of giving special needs kids a voice in the classroom. Some are not as severe as others, but they all need a voice nonetheless. Watch the video Why Teach? just made me all the more excited about my career choice. I have learned that children are extremely creative when trying to communicate what he/she wants. Assistive Learning tools such as the iPad, text to speech technology, etc are great tools that can be used per the child's IEP (Individualized Educational Program). 
The Mountbatten

The Mountbatten Braille Machine
This was a very short but informative video. This device is so cool in my opinion. It is a type-writer type deal that not only types braille, BUT IT ALSO HAS AUDIO so that the student and teacher can hear what the student has typed. This makes me so excited as a future special education teacher because it is an advancement for those of use who do not know how to read braille. In my opinion, it is going to be money saved on a class that I do not have to take. This device gives feedback which is ideal for a special needs child. I say this because, depending on the disability, feedback is the keep to learning a concept in the correct way. The machine is so cool because it actually announces what is being brailled on the paper. This is what astonishes me the most. I absolutely love to have this in my classroom when I begin teaching. If you think the audio is the best part, you have not heard the best of the best. This incredible machine can save, receive and transfer files to and from a computer PC!!! How cool is that? I wonder, how come this is my first time hearing about this? I guess I'm not on my research like I should be. I feel as though this device can revolutionize the general education classroom because now all student, even visually impaired children, can be included in the learning process. 

Teaching Math To The Blind
Math was and never has been my strongest subject, but I do know that it is an extremely important skill for all students to learn. Dr. Art Karshmer and his team has done an incredible deed to the academic world. They are created a machine that can set up mathematically equations, basic and complex, so that the student can learn like any other student. The blocks have braille numbers and printed numbers that can be "lined up" just as though they were on a dry erase board. Not only are the numbers alined, but the board itself can talk. This too astonished me. Technology is just becoming more and more advanced!! I am loving this!!! Schools are slowly getting away from pen and paper and becoming more technologically savy. 

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

This video is awesome! Mrs. Davis and so many other teacher around the world, including Dr. Strange,  have brought the classroom into new world technologies. While I was in high school, the closest thing to technology that I came was working for the Cisco  Networking Academy. Student's learning to using technology like this to  communicate things that he/she feel to be important  but to aslo communicate with people half way around the world. Now, you can not tell me that  that is not incredible!! Students also learn that books, paper and pens are not the only tools that allows you to learn and learn accurately.  Technology takes you to a totally different level of creativity. Sure, you can draw anything on paper but  technology can give that same drawing a voice and movement! Lastly, technology can be used a peer teacher. Students use many different programs such as powerpoint,  blogging,  a class wiki,  and many other collbrative tools that expands a child's world. If you want to learn more about Mrs. Davis and her students just click the "play" button.