Sunday, February 12, 2012

A DMAC Production


  1. Daphney,

    I found it very interesting how you put all the information about your parents and grandparents. That made me feel as if I really met them. Your morals and values are similar to mine. You stated those very well. I also like the fact that you transferred from a major university to another large school. Many people I know do not go back to school if they transfer like that. I am also a transfer student. But I just attended a community college, not a university. I also plan to fill my calendar up in the fall with club events. I was taking is slow this year to see how things went.

    Good luck with everything,

    Sara Cardwell

  2. Hey Sara,

    It's interesting how much we have in common! What college did you transfer from? What clubs do you plan on joining?

  3. Daphney,

    YES it is! I transferred from Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham. I am originally from Birmingham. I just moved down here to go to school. I am not sure which ones I want to join quite yet. I need to research the ones that they have. What about you?