Sunday, February 12, 2012

TechIntersect by Bill Genereux

To be honest, I have only commented twice on Mr. Genereux's blog. He has some interesting stuff posted. I saw the latest post about the father that shot his daughter's computer 7 times because of the note she posted on Facebook. On the social site, individuals are allowed to post notes. Well this little girl did just that. She posted a note on how she didn't like the way her father worked her. I responded to that by saying that I thought he could have handled the situation better than shooting the girl's computer. That was a total waste of money spent on the computer. The computer was an HP and I know from experience that an HP computer is well over $1000. All I could do was shake my head.

Another post that I commented on was a post about the "cat posters". If you know anything about this, then you know the famous "Leaving Me Hanging" poster with the kitten hanging from the clothes line. I just want to say that I am an animal lover! I wanted to be a vet for the longest. That was my whole reason for attending Auburn University was for the vet program. I still want to work with animals but it may be on a voluntary basis now.

I want to say that I am going to keep checking in on his blog. As I said before, he has some very interesting blog posts.


  1. Dear Daphney,

    Thanks for your comment about the Facebook Parenting video. I appreciate it when people make me think about the things I write about. You did, and I gave you a somewhat lengthy reply.

    I'm not going to say that I completely agree with this guy's methods, but I will say that I understand them. I suspect that part of the problem in their relationship is that he gets angry a lot and rules with an iron fist. Any kid worth their salt is going to rebel against that. And the bit she says about taking care of him when he's old is spot on. How can he expect her to be empathetic to him when he's old and trying her patience, when he's not empathetic to her when she's young and trying his patience?

    Anyhow, thanks again, and I hope you'll read the reply I left you on my blog. I wish you the best in your studies!

  2. Hey Daphney, interesting reactions to the posts you've read, I'm a student at South Alabama and I'm in the Edm310 class. Okay I don't have much to say about the Cat posters cause I'm not a fan of cats at all. But I will be checking on your posts and keep me reading.