Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Assignment #4


This was a reading and in the beginning I was not really feeling up to reading or listening to any video. However, I felt it was necessary to improve my podcasting skills. If a first grader can do a bang up job then so can I.  While reading the Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting section, I learned some interesting facts about how to make a more professional podcast. For instance emphasis and meaning has to come from the words you speak. This gives the audience more of an understanding of what you are trying to teach.

When I was attending Auburn University, I had a professor that taught by lecturing and podcasting. Podcasting was his way of helping his students by allowing them to review the lecture to make sure all possible notes were taken. I loved this feature about his class because I could go back to the podcast and catch things that I did not catch in the classroom due to classroom distractions.

Read-Along Audiobook

I fell in love with the recording of the children and the pretend interview. It amazed me how fluent they were when reading their scripts. When I think of a read-along, I think of students silently reading while listening to an audio or teacher. This blog really taught me that there is more to read-alongs than I thought. This teacher took her time and helped the kids to organize their interview questions and answers. The students' were so excited that they added there own emphasis on words and phrases which was another lesson learned.

As a teacher in the classroom, teaching Special Education students, I think that audiobook will be one of my most important tools. I can see my students making his or her own audiobook for his or her daily routine. For example, if I have a student with a Learning Disability then she or he will more than likely take a little longer on certain subjects than most. The student and I would create an audiobook with his or her lessons that were being taught that day such as a math or reading lesson. I am super ecstatic about learning how to use this :)))

Podcasting with First Grade

 This was a very cute blog. I could just imagine the childrens' excitement when they found out that they would be doing their very own podcast. I love how the teacher broke each step down piece by piece. She did not have them to do everything in a day. To me this teaches that some things take patience and do not need to be rushed. Not only did they are learn patience, but they learned "listening, speaking, presenting, comprehension, storytelling, preformance, voice acting, etc."

I think that this is a good example of my argument against Dr. Ken Robinson's argument about Education Killing Students' Creativity. This is an excellent example of a teacher taking advantage of students' creative juices and sharing them with the world. IT'S AWESOME!!!


  1. "For instance emphasis and meaning has to come..." have, not has (subject is plural)

    Do you think you will be a podcasting teacher?

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done!

  2. It is awesome that you are so excited about podcasting. I agree that it will be beneficial to you and your special education students. Good Job!