Monday, February 4, 2013

C4T #1


Actual Blog
Summary of Blog: When I first saw Coach Hanhstadt's blog, I wondered, "What in the world is flipped teaching?" I had to search for his last blog post. Just this month he published a ranting blog about high school sprinters and his/her footwear. In the blog he wrote about the proper form of sprinting which is running on one's balls of the feet. I could not help but think,"my dad this in high school". Random, I know.

Summery of Comment: At first, I really did not see the revelance in me having him for my C4T. Then I received a phone call from my mother about my brother running track. I thought back to this blog and took some notes from Coach Hahnstadt about the form of a sprinter. I also asked about what shoes he recommended and why certain things were important. I really learned that you never realize how important information is until you really need it.


Summary of Blog: As I have said before that physical education is not what I am going to school for but I honestly believe that Coach Hahnstadt has something with the coaches' eye app. It is so cool. Instructors can record their students (video and audio) and also learn to use drop box at the same time!! 

Summary of Comment: I found it amazing that I had never seen or heard of this app before. I basically told the coach that this was an awesome idea and that even though I am not a future physical education teacher, I can still use the app to help my kids in the classroom. It would be kind of like a "" on an iPod or smartphone. This would limit mine and my students' use of paper and also teach them how to use the dropbox app. I have some many ideas running through my head right now. I'm excited!!

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