Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #6

Wendy Dexler: The Networked Student

The question posed to me after watching this video is why are teacher even needed by a "Networked student"? In my opinion, the video already answers why a teacher is needed. Before the student is even able to become a networker, where is the information about how to network coming from? The instructor. Where would your examples of what was valid information (i.e. scholarly sources and other creditable information)? The instructor. On the other hand being a networked student is about independently finding information and complying information into sources that you, as well as  others, can use. 

The concept of the "networked"student is foreign to most, but maybe it is the future. Think about it, more teachers are telling their students to go out and find new ideas and sources to back up their ideas. Why not use this method in the classroom? It would push the students to learn on their own and create ways that he or she would best learn about the subject. Then posses the question, "How would you know if your students understood the concept?" Do you test them? Personally, I think that their PLN, or Personal Learning Network, or whatever they chose to use, would be test enough. This kind of reminds me of how Dr. Strange teaches EDM310. He gives the assignments, but it is up to us to make it our own creation. Wow, I honestly never thought about it like that until now. 

I really do not know if I would use this method in my classroom, considering special education is my field of study. I think my high functioning students would be more up to the task of retaining the information needed for these type of assignment. The concept is awesome when you think about it because it gives the student a foundation for learning how to survive without a teacher. 

Personally, I do not see the difference...I mean both are used to gather information. The picture to the left is a picture of my EDM310 Symbaloo. I just saw that I did not add Pinterest. I like using this particular PLN because it helps me to organized information that I have found and use. As you can see, the google search box is placed in the middle. I use this to do research on topics that I am interested in. This also is a part of the "networked" student in my opinion because anyone can look at my Symbaloo (once I add more to it) as an example of how to organize your thoughts and ideas into a sound structure that others can use.

I think that the 7th grader's Symbaloo was so awesome. She did such a great job on organizing her Symbaloo and explaining how to use it. This is my first time using this particular PLN, but so far so good. She most definitly has more applications on her PLE than I do, but I am just beginning to use it. She has probably been using it longer than 3 months. I think that my students would benefit from this. They will be free to be as creative as possible while being responsible for his/her own work. That is another thing that PLN and PLE's give students. The freedom to be responsible!! What is better than that? 


  1. "The concept of the "networked"student is foreign to most, but maybe it is the future. " No, it is the present! It is happening right now - in Baldwin County. The most advanced is Gulf Shores Elementary but a new training project called the Digital Renaissance Leadership Academy started yesterday (2/25/13) in Baldwin County. All teachers will be trained to be Baldwin County's equivalent of a networked teacher. There are almost 300 in the first year long program of DRLA. In all grades. It will be exciting to watch it happen. So get ready. You will have to be a networked teacher if you want to teach in Baldwin County.

    PLN v. PLE Personally, I do not see the difference... I agree.

  2. I liked how you started off your blog with "Networked Student?" and how this puts out the question of "Why do we need teachers?" I didn't think about how the kids were learning from the teacher first but how where they going to know what to do. If they were going to be networked, how are they going to know what to talk about.