Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Assignment #8

This Is How We Dream

I feel a valid point was made, Yes! "Structure'' is a major part of any language it is the foundation which we all speak, write and learn. The evolution of this foundation has matured for millions upon millions of years,  the value of literature has reached a level and time period for which it could be taught and learn on a basis everyone is able to occur to. Now that it is accessible to anyone who is willing to take the time to learn and fully understand what this means for the future , by one individual taking in this specific knowledge it can be passed on from hand to hand.
Curiosity gives the new world the ideas and willingness to want more knowledge, it helps individuals separate  themselves from the ''Average Society''. Technology is influenced much by education today as any other social outlet. The advantages that technology has given us is the option to surf and analyze opinions and other resources at a keystroke. In Part 2, of This Is How We Dream Dr. Miller touches on the rapidness of how information is updated and that the information itself, may be written by us, but does not SOLELY BELONG to us. I think that this is an interesting way of explaining things. I see, everyday how people place claims on ideas and ideals when they, themselves, received the information from an outside source or just built upon the idea of another. 

I share is opinion about educators being required to share ideas freely with our students. My only concern is that different teachers have different teaching styles and we all interprut things in a different manner. So, how will you know if your children have successfully crossed into the "land of the learning"? How do you know if your information is current and correct? I also get that Dr. Miller and Dr. Strange are saying that as a teacher, you have to have the willingness to also do research on a daily basis so that you are not behind in your field of study. I feel as though my students will be able to digitally compose because as an educator, I am required to learn so that my students can learn. This isn't a requirement my the school system, but I am requiring myself to learn these things because as a child coming up in this century....TECHNOLOGY IS THE KEY. 

I honestly have to say...what a great assignment!! Carly's idea was awesome. She and Dr. Miller share the most intimate ideas about multimedia. I love how passionate both parties are about the creativity of writing!!! I am a Special Education teacher in training, but a writer at heart. I hate to follow rules about what I can and can not write about. I feel as though it kills the creative mojo that flows within us all. Who would have thought that making a playlist of videos on YouTube could inspire you to feel so much and to do so much! Getting organized for your classroom, time management, etc...all videos that can be found on YouTube and used in your classroom. There is an uproar about how media is so negative on today's youth. As a future educator, I plan to shine a positive light on this just like Carly did :)

This is the most interesting video that I have ever seen...Chipper is the typical student who first walks into the doors of Dr. Strange's class. They think that Dr. Strange is supposed to feed you something and then give you a test to spill of the information back out. I was a "Chipper" in the Spring of 2012. Someone who thought that learning on your own was too hard and says that if the teacher doesn't teach then the teacher isn't a good teacher. So not true!! Dr. Strange has proved that point time and time again with the EDM310 graduates that have gone on to share in multimedia tools. I know that this go 'round, I will be a success!!!

I can honestly say that this was an interesting YouTube Video. Personally, I did not find it very helpful. I would have suggested an illustration or demonstration about how to help you with some of the problems students are having with EDM310, but that is just me. If I am going to try to explain to someone how to better themselves in something, I would come to them with solutions/suggestions on how to do better.

My first run in with EDM310 was not a nice one. I was late with most of my assignments. I didn't add my pictures or modifiers like I should have and I, all around, did not take the cours seriously and it reflected in my grade which was a D. I am not used to making Ds so this really bothered me. I think that I would create a YouTube video demonstrating a survival guide to the University of South Alabama's EDM310. Now that is an idea!!! Dr. Strange, if you are reading this. Daphney McFadden thought of it first!! That is going to be my next personal project. 

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

This is a point that I have been trying to make for the longest!!! If the student is the hub of Education then why is Education such an open and shut institution?! Someone please explain to me why the school systems are shutting down the avenues to the very thing that students connect with and are comfortable with as a learning tool. When a teacher gives  a project or assignment for class, where does a student automatically go?? THE INTERNET. The library and books have become almost obsolete since the Internet was created. When are the leaders of education going to realize that the very media that they are trying to keep out of schools, are the very pieces of media that get students to u

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  1. I agree with you that technology is the key and how the internet plays such a part in students being able to locate information. I am still processing my time spent at Fonde Elementary this week. The classroom I was in had two computers. The school has a very nice computer lab. They had a math lesson in the lab and then played math games on the computers. On another day they caught up on their STAR testing and Edmodo posts in the lab. The thing that bothered me is that the students are not taught typing. The hunting and pecking was torture. I wish there was more time for the students to learn to type so that their time on the computers is the most effective.