Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #9: PLN Progress Report

Welcome To My Symbaloo!!!

Professional Symbaloo
My PLN is going great!! I use it for pretty much everything now. I am able to have all the websites that I need in both my personal and professional realms. I have thoroughly enjoye using it. It stays open on my computer whether I am on it or not. It does not really have much on it right now but I plan to use it in the future. How you ask? I will mostly use it to figure out the new information about Special Education, including the tools, websites, and technologies that are up and coming in my field. When you click on my Symbaloo, you wil find links to the websites that we often use in EDM310, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and even the University of South Alabama website. I love the organization of it all!!

Personal Symbaloo
My personal webmix is a little different aside from Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Blogger, and Gmail. My person webmix page as links to my bank's website, Pinterest, VH1, Craigslist, and Craigslist which are websites that use outside of school. This way I can keep up with a nice chunk of my life with having to type in all those URLs.

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