Sunday, March 3, 2013

Comments 4 Kids: FEBRUARY

This kid can blog!

C4K #1
I was assigned an awesome kid who shares my passion for history. I was confused at first because I did not and still do not know the child's name. I guess it just isn't meant for me to know. This particular blog post was about who in history would get what merit badget. This kid chose some great people, but I kind of felt like the blog common in American history. I made the suggestion about possibly researching and writing about some people who were forgotten in history. There are plenty of those types of people. I know in my years in college, I have researched many. The blog was structured very nicely. The grammar and sentence structure flowed together wonderfully. I think it was a great job for a 9th grader.

C4K #2: Ms. Sapia's Superstars

  The orginal kid that was assigned to had not posted one blog post. The kid that I chose wrote about how they thought that homework was helpful and how it was irreplaceable. It was a little repeatious in my mind so I made some suggestions that may come in handy the next time they wrote a blog as such. Other than that, the kid did awesome and I am so looking forward to reading more of this kid's blog. It amazes how children have such a creative mind at such a young age. It almost gives me hope that when I get in the classroom that all I would have to do is give my students the tools they need and let them run free :)

C4K #3: Lollipop Movement

Isara's Blog Post 
This is such an unusual title for such a basic gesture. The person who introduced me to the concept was Isara, a student in Miss. King's Room 17 all the way in New Zealand. She summarized it best by saying   "a lollipop moment is something that makes a difference to someone else."

Summary of my comment: I was floored at the title of this concept. I was confused and amused that the same time. I commented to her say that I appreciated her for introducing to the concept of the lollipop movement. I had never thought that such a small gesture could make such a big difference in someone's life.

C4K#4: Phillip and Suicide

Phillip's Blog Post
Now I was a little disturbed at first at what this student was discussing on his blog. My kid's name is Phillip and he decided to talk about suicide being caused by negative peer pressure and how a personal could possibly feel before and during the action. I just commented to him suggesting that maybe he could be that one person to befriend the student that is being picked on so that he or she does not feel like they are all alone in the world. Like I always say, it only takes one person to start a chain reaction :) He had a few errors in this blog post like spelling and grammar, but all in all, it was a short and to the point read. 

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