Thursday, April 4, 2013

Comment 4 Kids: March

C4K#5: What Do You Gain As A Blogger?

My kid's name is Schylar N. from Mr. Boylen's class. She was asked, "What do you think as a student gain from blogging with students and other outside of the school? Is it worth the time? Why/why not?" And she commented, not really answering the question. Her response was that she thought blogging is a good idea because it was a way to get to know others and find things in common. I thought that she was pretty accurate in her response, but was that really answering the question?? I thought yes and no, but hey at least the kid answered the question. Anyway, I told her how blogging has helped me emotionally and professionally. While blogging, I have been able to better express my feelings through writing and poetry. Professionally, it has helped me to connect with other special education teachers and future teachers. Also, I have found some really good websites for special education that I think are going to really help me out as a teacher :) To put the icing on the cake, I posted a link to my blog on her page so that if she wanted to read some interesting stuff, she could.

C4K#6: Paris' Learning Blog
Paris is a student in Mr. Huebl's 6th grade class all the way from Australia!! I think that is the coolest thing ever. Mr. Huebl assigned a blog post about "Sharing". Paris wrote that sharing food would feed the world, make the world a better place, make the world a happier place of fun and laughter, the world would be a place of fairness and wealth. What was my reaction you ask? I thought is was the cutest thing ever!! She has the right idea about sharing. I thought her post was creative and original with a hint of poetic quality. I just made the suggestion for her to use commas so that she would have a better quality of writing. All in all she did an awesome job and her ideas were creative.

C4K#7: The Wacky Dog Competition
Children are so creative and I admire that because as you get older, most of it begins to fade. I just read a cute story by Annliz. From what I can gather, this was an assignment to create a story and Annliz decided to write about a dog in a surfing competition. What a cute idea?! The only problem that I saw was frequent punctuation and quotation placement issues. I suggested to her to have her teacher or friend to proofread to make sure that it is presentable before she posts, but I also encouraged her to continue writing. I really think that she could be a create children's book author.

C4K#8: Kyle A and the Christmas Project
First off, my kid is SO into guns. I feel some kind of way about that. I don't know if it's okay for a child to be around this many guns to begin with, but I guess his parents know what they are doing. Anyway, Kyle is a student in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade language arts class in Iowa. I want to start off by saying that when this kid blogs, HE REALLY BLOGS. You know how normally, kids may write a paragraph or a sentence or so...well, not Kyle. This kid made sure that you followed directions. In his current post, you have to read his previous post to understand the current post and the first line is, " Christmas present first to understand " Other than punctuation errors, which I commented on as well, this kid is an A1 writer! Oh and did I mention the detail in his work The Christmas Present?! If anyone ever wanted to know how to modify a gun, this kid's blog would be the place to learn. I thought that it was so great how he has a hobby that he can share with his family as well. That is just so precious. Mr. Boylen is doing a great job :)  

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