Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Final Project Progress Report


Last week was a mandatory meeting week. This is the first time that my group has met since we "re-did" the groups. I am feeling some kind of way about this group because we are not meeting or communicating like a group should be at this point, especially since we are coming on our last 2 group projects. Anyway, our meeting was productive nonetheless. We decided to do a combination assignment idea. I'm not going to put our idea out there, but Dr. Strange knows what we are going and that's all that matters. As far as what I have done for the project on my own, I have created a timeline (on paper) of what scenes need to be shot, what the subject of that scene is and who is going to be presented in it. I will give a hint though....FLASHBACKS! I love the survival guide idea for this project and I hope that my group participation gets better. To be honest, I miss my old group with Rachel McGuff. We were dedicated to our projects and met in the lab every Tuesday and Thursday to work on something whether it be the regular assignments or projects. Now that is what I call a group. What I have now is...i don't know. I'm really ready to drop them and go with a different group. 

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