Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Comment for Kids: April

By: Ryan B.

THIS KID CAN RAMBLE OFF SOME STATE FACTS ABOUT NEBRASKA!! I was shocked at how knowledgable my kid was about the state of Nebraska. He knew more about Nebraska at his young age than I know about the state of Alabama and I am 21!!! I am shaking my head at myself right now. He knew the state lakes, bird, mammal, beverage, flower, landforms, etc. I was in shock while being impressed at the same time. This kid was so cool and I think that EVERYONE needs to know at least 3 facts about his/her state. The fact that Ryan knew all this encourages me that students can enjoy learning these things.

By Eden

Eden is a 4th grader at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia. For his first blog post he decided to see what he and other people had in common. He made his bulleted list of what he liked to do for fun, such as running, and he also listed his pets. I can tell you, this kid had way more pets than I did at his age. He had lots of comments from different people, including his classmates. I just thought it was the cutest thing ever! I commented back to him telling him that his blog was awesome and well put together. I also told him that I had a cat named Tiger. I'm not really sure if he wanted to know that, but he did ask, "Do we have anything in common?". Furthermore, I told him about my secret passion for music. I like to play the piano and my flute in my spare time. My kid was pretty cool. I also encouraged him to keep blogging. I think this kid is going places in life and if he keeps blogging, the world can go with him. 

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